cell stack for hydrogen electrolysis green energy

We develop, build and sell
electrochemical cell stacks
for water electrolysis,
to produce Green Hydrogen
from water and electricity.

Grounded beginning of 2022, Enerstack has inherited of all the stack assets of former electrolysis companies and can count on 35 years expertise of product development and manufacturing experience in the field of electrolysers.

Furthermore, the company has settled partnerships with universities and research institution, and can rely on the support of world renown industrial companies committed to the deployment of green hydrogen.

In order to reduce the impact of human activity on global warming, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has become in the last decade one of the major challenges that mankind has ever had to face.

States have set ambitious targets to our industries in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

One of these targets is the deployment of Green Hydrogen production capacities.

Considering the size of the challenges in regards to todays capabilities, for deploying green hydrogen production units.

It is essential that companies in every industry that have related proficiencies required to achieve theses targets, get access to core components, engineering and technologies.

Our ambition is to make these key technologies available to the market, and therethrough accelerate the deployment of green hydrogen production capacities.

We develop, build, and sell stacks up to the MW range, in PEM Alkaline and AEM technology.

To ensure an optimised implementation of our stacks, we also make the basic, or full engineering, available to our customers.

cell stack for hydrogen electrolysis green energy

PEM Stacks


500 kW | 1MW
H2 15 bar – 30 bar

A product offer at highest state of the art that relies on first class renown component manufacturers.

A conservative product approach that ensures high efficiency, reliability and safety.

AWE Stacks

Alkaline Water Electrolysis

25 kW | 1 MW
H2 15 bar – 30 bar
O2 14 bar – 29 bar

An economic stack architecture that has made it’s proof of reliability

AEM Stacks


50 kW | 500 kW | 1 MW
H2 15 bar – 30 bar

In the heart of the value chain to produce green hydrogen, Enerstack makes Electrochemical cell stacks in various technologies available to the industry to be integrated in electrolysis systems.

All our stacks are conceived to reduce the cost of green hydrogen production through:

  • An efficiency at nominal power that is above 80%
  • A choice of input and output parameters that simplify, optimize, and lower the cost of the balance of plant.
  • A flexibility of use that enables Electrolyser manufacturers to choose the characteristics they want to put forward and therethrough offer differentiating functionalities to their clients.

Whether for Mobility applications or decarbonization of the industry, the hydrogen industry needs to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen sources through massive investments in infrastructures.

It is a common effort being carried by engineering and industrial corporations around the world.

Through its independency, Enerstack is committed to facilitate that effort and accelerate the deployment of green hydrogen production infrastructures by making key technologies available to all the players in the market.

Mastering all the constrains of the balance of plant of an electrolyser, we develops stacks and technologies oriented in the optimisation and cost reduction of green hydrogen production.



High Temperature Pressurized Alkaline Water Electrolysis will offer an efficiency of hydrogen production above 100% (electrical) using added 250°C external heat sources which are well widespread.

Acting directly on the energy needs is one of the key drivers in the cost reduction of green hydrogen production.

Enerstack is committed to the development of this revolutionary technology.




In order to reduce costs, developments are being led to increase active surface and current density at ISO efficiency.
A permanent component benchmarking program is being lead in order to evaluate and improve components quality.


With the advantages of the PEM flexibility and the hardiness of alkaline technology, the AEM technology is very promising.
Enerstack is in a world leading position through the stack capacities developed, and is increasing these, beneficiating of its experience in PEM and AWE technologies


With more than 50 full alkaline water electrolysers installed worldwide, Enerstack is developing larger cell stacks in order to offer a simple and efficient component to the market in an improved and well mastered technology.

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